View Our Sample Report!

This sample report shows the detailed inspection results reported system by system with pictures included, and a section in the back detailing only the deficiencies.

All home inspection reports are computer generated with color photos and maintenance tips, and can be printed on site or mailed/e-mailed for your convenience.

The report is detailed, user friendly, and lists the defects found in each system (exterior, interior, plumbing, etc.) There are maintenance and safety suggestions given for each system, when necessary. Also included are color photos of items that may need a photo to clarify the location or meaning of the defect. At the back of the report there is a section that only lists the defects or areas of concern. At the end of the inspection we will walk through the home and discuss the items noted in the report. If you have any questions at a later date, please call. I will be happy to take all the time necessary for you to understand the condition of the home.

Virtual Home Inspection Tour!

This brief tour has eight sections that display photographic examples and audio clips of what a standard home inspection includes. The video cannot possibly detail every item that is inspected, but it does provide a general sense for what an inspection includes.